Swearing with Sixaxis in Ferrari Challenge

The game is a simulation at heart, with options for driving assistance as with most serious racers these days, to help newcomers find their racing feet. It's looking very slick, with some very pretty lighting effects and 3D cockpits and, although it's still in development, it's already getting a lot of things right. For instance, it's got real-time damage modelling, all the real-life circuits from the Ferrari Challenge series, a Forza 2-troubling decal editor and there's even the ability to shake your fist or extend a middle finger at your opponents by shaking the Sixaxis. We want that in every game.

It should be noted that this is in fact no relation of Sega's Dreamcast racer Ferrari F355 Challenge. But it does share the same values - smooth, technical driving, bold graphics and gorgeously-rendered Ferraris that like to step out under hard acceleration. We like. One thing the Sega classic didn't feature was wet-weather racing and it looks superb here, with reflected scenery in the road and ripples of water on the cars' bonnets.

Above: The car in front is a Ferrari. Oh, and the one behind. Wait a minute... they're all Ferraris!

The game is set to featureonline racing over the PS Network and force-feedback steering has already been integrated into the game. Bruno mentioned the game started life on Xbox 360 and we're told a 360 version is still a possibility, so we'll see what happens. The game is due out early next year. In the mean-time, hit theimages tab to see the new screens.