Super Swing Golf Season 2 - hands-on

Our golf ball melts in a pit of molten lava. Want to hear about it?

For super swinging golfers who don't care about the dumb story anyway, you can just hop into multiplayer games with your friends. The multiplayer will be for local games only, so you'll need real friends, but playing golf online wouldn't be fun anyhow. There will be ordinary games of golf (with power-ups, of course) and a new Party Mode that lets golfers compete in several mini-games.

We tried out a couple Party Mode games. Balloon Pop has golfers competing to pop the most balloons. We popped 17 in three shots (with a lucky club). But to make sure nobody is left twiddling their thumbs while we blast our golf ball through balloon after balloon, all the players are given devices to interfere with your swing and concentration. We got to speed up the wind with a big green leaf, shrink the size of the balloons with a hammer and cause the swinger's Wii Remote to start rumbling by using something that looked like a feather.

Next we tried the Driving Contest. It's like a contest to hit the ball the farthest, except there are hyper-gates you can hit the ball into to gain a speed boost. That's right,there arehyper-gates. If certain gates are hit just right they can be chained for massive distance. We didn't hit any of the gates just right and lost with a combined 300ish yards over three shots, but we're told it's very satisfying if you do better than we did.

Super Swing Golf Season 2 is packed full of totally unrealistic things, the mention of which would get you banned from any country club in Tiger Woods 08, and we think that's great. Why? Because they make golf more fun. The game will be out sometime this December if you're interested in exactly how much more fun Super Swing will be.