Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Dec 3, 2007

It never stops growing! No, not that mole on your granny’s neck - Smash Bros. With 3 months to go and still time left to announce Phoenix Wright on the roster (don’t we wish), this game is cementing its position as the greatest game ever made.

But why speculate when what has been confirmed already has our hearts beating at worrying rates? After a Sonic-flavored roundhouse kick, Brawl maestro Masahiro Sakurai has continued his offensive with a level design function (yay!) and recordable match footage (OMG!).

The Wii will stomach three minutes of footage before its belly explodes: bad news for fans of 99 lives slog-a-thons, good news for those who want to send videos to pals without the internet choking to death. Bragging rights aside, the system is perfect for sending hi-scoring Target Smash solutions to friends.

Even with the enthusiastic spread of levels already available, we’re honing our skills on the online flash version (available here) for the perfect Brawl arena.

Also on the net, before it was taken down (confirming its look-at-me importance), was voice-over artist Alesia Glidewell’s CV - noting that she would be reprising her role as Star Fox character Krystal in Brawl. We can’t envision a playable character, so expect an assist trophy at best. No loss, mind - once Rayman, Tony Hawk and Turok are confirmed, Krystal will be a distant memory.


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