Super Smash Bros. Brawl

If Mario Galaxy is a celebration of everything that makes the bounding plumber special, then Smash Bros. Brawl takes it one step further: a celebration of everything that makes Nintendo special. Name any Nintendo franchise and the likelihood is that you can play as a character from it or at least yank out some element from the game to help smash a foe’s face off.

The concept is as simple as ever - damage your opponent to the extent that you can blast them from the fighting arena. Now bundle layer upon layer of retro nods and familiar faces and you have a game to be reckoned with. Now add in the kind of online experience that only Halo 3 has previously offered and you’ve got a game that few others in 2008 would dare stand against. These fighters may be portly, pink, fluffy and, er, a giant monkey, but they’re a powerful bunch. If you’ve got a Wii in your living room, this is the game that 2008 was invented for…

New Faces

Making their Smash debut…

Above: From left to right - 1) Sonic, 2) Diddy Kong, 3) King Dedede, 4) Solid Snake

1) They’ve gone head to head at the Olympics, but now the gloves are off. Sonic finally gets to rearrange the plumber’s pipes in brutal fashion.

2) How could the legendary Donkey Kong spawn such a vile creation as Diddy Kong? Prepare to squeeze every last peanut scented breath out of him.

3) King Dedede was Kirby’s opponent in his original Game Boy game. As big as Bowser and packing a mechanised hammer, he’s a rainbow coloured killer.

4) Snake brings a rather violent collection of weapons to the otherwise child-friendly fighter. He can even hide under his trusty cardboard box!

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  • xcalovar - May 10, 2009 4:32 p.m.

    they should make a split screen ssb's game. if they did that, more ppl will play that instead shooting games.

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