Step up your Street Fighter 5 game with these tips

Depending on how dedicated a brawler you are, there's been plenty of time to grow rusty with Capcom's Street Fighter games. If you need a refresher course before diving into Street Fighter 5 today, PlayStation has some tips and tricks to get you started. Because what good is a fist if you don't know how to throw it? First, the basics:

And for those of you who are already familiar with Street Fighter's rock-paper-scissors principles, here's another video going over some of Street Fighter 5's new features: the stun bar, V-gauge, and critical arts. And newcomers, don't be scared away by the jargon. All of that roughly translates to "thing you don't want to fill up," "thing you do want to fill up," and "thing that'll help you do cool stuff," respectively.

I myself haven't played a Street Fighter game since the Genesis days, so I'm glad to have these videos onhand. I may not know how to "dash cancel" or the difference between a reversal and a counter, but now I know how to punch people harder in Street Fighter 5. I'm sure the rest will come later.

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