Stealth on the high seas

Do things ever go as planned when Sam Fisher is involved? Never. The Mexican authorities have been alerted to a possible plot, so now they've confined all the guests to their rooms. Sam, however, is an expert at skulking around unnoticed, so even sneaking around the sun-drenched deck of a luxury liner is easy business. While we may have messed it up from the beginning by ruthlessly murdering a bunch of ship security agents (or maybe they were Mexican military... who can keep track?), we did manage to get some cool footage of Sam's expert safe cracking abilities.

The plan was to plant the nukes in the navigation room near the front of the ship, but Sam's humble accommodations were situated near the rear. That means that we had to sneak Sam across the whole ship in order to reach our goal... and the NSA wants him to do it without killing anybody (yeah, right). This probably would have been an ideal time to employ those Airfoil rounds designed to render enemies unconscious instead of dead, but we didn't discover that the left trigger fired them in time to save any lives - we wondered why dudes kept dropping dead when we pulled the right trigger.

Along the way, the lovely and talented Enrica (another JBA agent) helps Sam by hacking the boats various attractions: Sam needs to get through the casino so she cues the slot machines to chime, or Sam needs to creep across the pool so she triggers water fountains. Following her instructions as closely as we could, we eventually reached the prow of the ship and dropped off our payload of explosives, but the NSA had one quick job before we could exfil the hell out of their. These guys wanted us to hack the bomb so the NSA could disarm it to prevent harming innocents.

You'll have to decide for yourself how this ends when Splinter Cell: Double Agent ships on October 17. Will you hack the bomb and endanger your standing among the rogues while saving hundreds of people? Pfeh... we won't either.