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Steal Princess review

Thieves never prosper


  • Map-making function is a stroke of genius
  • Over a hundred stages
  • Interesting blend of genres


  • Irritating fairy companion
  • So-so graphics
  • Gameplay never goes above "meh"

We relish the chance to be a thief in games, but it usually comes with caveats. You%26rsquo;re a good guy really; a loveable rogue who saves the world by day and robs evil barons by night. Anise, the nimble-fingered star of Steal Princess, breaks the mould a little, but even she winds up on a quest to slay a demon king.

At least she%26rsquo;s blackmailed into it, in a story with too much %26lsquo;funny%26rsquo; dialogue and an irritating fairy companion. You%26rsquo;re forced into behaving under threat of your past misdeeds being exposed; this means handing back all the money you steal, unlocking bonus stages when you%26rsquo;ve paid enough cash.

The game comprises over a hundred tiny stages, each tasking you with releasing a key to use on a lock, making this a puzzler at heart. You pick up swords, shields and bombs, but they%26rsquo;re puzzle pieces rather than weapons. It%26rsquo;s an interesting blend of genres but, aside from the ability to create and share maps, there%26rsquo;s not much else here of note.

May 19, 2009

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DescriptionSteal Princess is&#160;an interesting blend of genres but, aside from the ability to create and share maps, there&#8217;s not much else here of note.<br>
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
UK censor rating
Release date:19 May 2009 (US), (UK)
Available platforms:DS


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