Steal Princess review

  • Map-making function is a stroke of genius
  • Over a hundred stages
  • Interesting blend of genres
  • Irritating fairy companion
  • So-so graphics
  • Gameplay never goes above "meh"

We relish the chance to be a thief in games, but it usually comes with caveats. You’re a good guy really; a loveable rogue who saves the world by day and robs evil barons by night. Anise, the nimble-fingered star of Steal Princess, breaks the mould a little, but even she winds up on a quest to slay a demon king.

At least she’s blackmailed into it, in a story with too much ‘funny’ dialogue and an irritating fairy companion. You’re forced into behaving under threat of your past misdeeds being exposed; this means handing back all the money you steal, unlocking bonus stages when you’ve paid enough cash.

The game comprises over a hundred tiny stages, each tasking you with releasing a key to use on a lock, making this a puzzler at heart. You pick up swords, shields and bombs, but they’re puzzle pieces rather than weapons. It’s an interesting blend of genres but, aside from the ability to create and share maps, there’s not much else here of note.

May 19, 2009

More Info

Release date: May 19 2009 - DS (US)
Available Platforms: DS
Genre: Puzzle
Published by: Atlus
Developed by: Marvelous Entertainment
ESRB Rating:
Everyone 10+: Language, Suggestive Themes, Mild Fantasy Violence


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