Star Wars fans send messages to a galaxy far, far away...

The latest mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery (that’s STS-120, fact fans!) has already been blessed with something of a Star Wars flavour as a lightsaber prop from Return Of The Jedi blasted into orbit alongside the crew on Tuesday October 23 at 11:38am. And yes, the really, really observant among would point out how that’s yet another occurrence of Lucas’ references to THX 1138, albeit a massively coincidental one.

The mission has been fraught with danger and complicated spacewalks to repair the International Space Station (all right, which clever dick decided to play Jedi?) So what better way to welcome them home than by putting together a delightful CD selection of greetings from Force fanatics around the globe?

“Fans from as far away as Australia, India and Poland have sent in their messages of support, and we’re excited to present this to the crew when they come home,” blabbed Roger Bornstein, marketing director for Space Center Houston in a release. It’ll get presented to the crew at their official debriefing once they’re back on terra firma, and if you want to add a congratulatory nugget of your own, you can log on to the official Star Wars site here.

We’re sort of hoping many Bothans die to help bring them the information…



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