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  • PSP | Submitted by Tiossoit

    Cave of Trials

    Cave of Trials - To unlock the cave, save right before fighting Gabriel. If you did it right, your save icon should turn blue. Instead of fighting him, return to the arena in Fun City. Talk to the old man in the north side of the stands. Accept his offer to recover your memories.

    You'll be returned to Arlia, and when you leave you'll have your Psynard. The Cave of Trials is the only dot on your map of the desert island.

  • PSP | Submitted by Lizmar

    Extra Difficult Difficulty Modes

    Galaxy Mode - Defeat 2,000 monsters.
    Universe Mode - Defeat 2,000 monsters.

  • PSP | Submitted by Lizmar

    No Random Encounters

    Like the other Star Ocean for PSP, if you open the disc tray while in a dungeon, you will not face any battles. Just remember to close the disc tray everytime you change screens (causing it to reload data), or before boss fights.