Spotify created a gaming section, so we created a gaming playlist

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Ready to jam out to some of your favorite video game tunes? We are. That's why as soon as we heard that Spotify would add a gaming-centric portal on its website and app - appropriately labeled "Spotify Gaming" - we set out to create our own curated playlist.

Much like GamesRadar+ itself, the playlist is designed to help you chill and enjoy your day. Not every song is from a video game, but hey, there's a "+" in our name for a reason. Enjoy: 

If you want to see what songs other curators (and Spotify itself) have mixed into playlists for your enjoyment, simply fire up the Spotify app and search for "Gaming" under "Genres & Moods".

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Hi! My name's Sam Prell. I'm a games journalist with a soft spot for MOBAs, MMOs, and puppies. I also unironically like Todd McFarlane's Spawn. May the '90s never die!


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