Sony: No plans to cut PS3's price

Sony responds to reports suggesting lower than expected PS3 sales will result in price cut

Sony has gone on the record to say it currently doesn't have any plan to cut PS3's price, in response to reports that such a strategy is under consideration due to console sales.

It's reckoned that PS3 sales have hit just under four million, while the company had previously stated it'd ship 6 million units by the end of its financial year ending March 31st 2007.

A number of analysts recently have been predicting price cuts for PS3 this year, and it's been suggested that Sony is re-considering pricing in a Financial Times report.

But Sony has fired back at the reports saying it "currently doesn't have any specific plan to cut the PlayStation 3's price," in a released statement. "PS3 prices and shipment plans for the future should be determined by market trends and competition," the company added.


April 19, 2007