SmashRadar: Reader Faces of Death

We've seen gruesome Brawl pics. We've seen sexy Brawl pics. But now we want to see your Brawl pics. Last week we asked for your weirdest, most off the wall moments and you delivered. We couldn't get everyone's pics in (simply too many!) but please keep sending them our way (7609-2353-2917-5081/5412-9513-8383) and we'll do another roundup. Add our codes or email your BIN images to

Special thanks to everyone who contributed, including Tanner Larson, Jamie Acuna, Sourpunch, Lance, Will O'Briant, Jean Moscoso, REAVR and KORTE.

This one's similar to a Luigi screen we posted, but Kirby's vicious sword smash is always welcome in our galleries.

If you pause quickly, Mario's hands and feet balloon to absurd sizes. Like, size 25.

For some reason, this is really disgusting. What happened to rest of Bowser's girth?

Could Sonic be less interested?


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