See Bruce Willis in A Couple Of Dicks

With shooting kicking off this week, it was only natural that pics would start to leak from the set of Kevin Smith’s new action comedy, A Couple Of Dicks .

Starring Bruce Willis and 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan (below), Dicks finds a pair of detectives tracking down a rare, stolen baseball card, while also getting tangled up with a Mexican beauty in need of rescue and laundered drug money.

Seann William Scott, Adam Brody and Kevin Pollack are also all aboard the movie, which, in a departure for Smith, isn’t based on a script he wrote.

Kev’s already been twittering about the production so far, and seems pleased. “Bruce & Tracy are so good together, you’d think this was the sequel.”

Based on one pic alone – you can find it in our gallery, since we’ve put it there as not to ruin one of the comedy moments from the movie – we already want to see this…

[Source: Accidentalsexiness / Comingsoon ]

Do you want to see what Kevin Smith can do with a film he didn't write? Will this help Bruce's career? Speak up!


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