The Secret World is getting a free-to-play weekend soon

Whether we like it or not, free-to-play gaming has completely transformed the MMO genre. Combined with WoW sucking up all the players who are willing to pay a monthly subscription, F2P has sapped much of the gaming community's will to drop $75 just to try a new MMO.

As a result, really interesting games like The Secret World sometimes get swept under the rug. It may not be the best game in the genre, but The Secret World is definitely interesting enough to at least try out. To that end, Funcom is hoping you'll give them some of your time next weekend, August 3-5 as the game goes free-to-play for a limited time.

Ultimately, it seems like the destiny of the MMO genre to go completely free-to-play. A full-price investment is just too much to ask of consumers who have long been scarred by a largely hit-or-miss MMO genre. Unfortunately, we're still not sure whether "free" is a good thing.


  • nutterbaby8mmm - July 28, 2012 10:55 p.m.

    The problem with free to play is that most f2p models force you to grind so much more than non f2p games to get what you want out of the game, whether that be items, gear, or whatever. Since its f2p, the game basically gets a much larger population to sample their game. The people that were never going to buy it in the first place dont spend any money. The people that do enjoy the game, or that were going to buy it anyways end up spending money. The issue i have is that these people generally end up spending more money than an initial price tag or monthly fee. In most free to play model games I have played recently (tribes, bulletrun beta, dcuo, etc) unlocking guns or items takes a much larger amount of time and effort than in non f2p games such as bf3, cod, or other games with unlocks of that nature. In f2p mmos like dcuo, you are given such a barebones game that if you dont pay anything, you really arent experiencing the real game. TLDR: these f2p models are successful because they nickel and dime idiots out of their money instead of just charging them an initial fee. The smarter people who don't like to spend 5 dollars for a map or a gun are forced to spend much more time unlocking the item or forced to play an inferior version of the game.
  • SentientSquidMachine - July 28, 2012 6:04 a.m.

    If netflix was $15/month, I would not have it. I support D.I. radio with $5/month because it's my main source of music. At $15/month the game I subscribe to would have to be the only thing I play to justify the cost of the game plus subscription over an extended amout of time. Lower subscription fees to $5/month and watch your servers be brought to their figurative knees. Then supplement the hit you'll take to operational cost by having a Mc Donald's, or such, strewn about the area in a way that blends in with the setting, e.g. McD's Tavern for high fantasy. Sure some players who don't understand how things work may complain, but you'd keep the cost low or free, which will make your user numbers sore, and attract more business from companies that want to advertise. I say it's a justifiable price to pay, and a win win for all parties involved. Company gets an advert, gamers get to play a great game that they never would have tried, and the developers get the recognition they may deserve for creating a fine game, or more importantly, ensure all involved get to keep working.
  • awesomesauce - July 27, 2012 9:57 p.m.

    I believe f2p is a great thing as this will surely promote the game media-wise. Hopefully this will be permanent though not immediately. (They need to get their feet set financially with the people willing to sub) Eventually though this is going to be a huge opportunity just like DCO. Too Bad, i probably won't get to try it though with my crap computer.

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