Samurai Warriors: State of War review

Fight your way through wave after wave of enemies to become ruler of Japan (what's left of it, anyway)

The game also enables the player and computer-controlled commanders touse "charms" before entering battle. These affect the tide of battleby damaging your opponent's forces, healing your allies or flooding parts of the battlefield, forcing your opponent to change his tactics. These charms make the downtime between battles more entertaining and force you to move your armyintelligently to avoidgetting slaughtered. Upping the difficulty setting makes the enemy commanders use much smarter strategies, offering you a more intellectual challenge. However, your allies aren't nearly so clever,consistently making poor decisions and refusingto use any charms of their own.If youget tired of computer-controlled opponents, you can match wits with up to three other players and pit your armies against each other using the PSP's Ad Hoc wireless feature.

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DescriptionA good bet for when you just gotta kill 300 samurai while waiting in line at the bank.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date7 March 2006 (US), 24 March 2006 (UK)