Sam Fisher has a vagina

You could be mistaken for thinking you need your eyes checked after looking at these first official PS3 shots of Splinter Cell: Double Agent, because yes, that really is a woman decked out in the black rubber of Sam Fisher.

Don’t worry, it’s not your favorite undercover operative after a few surgical snips and a heavy course of hormonal therapy. It’s actually a genuine female Third Echelon operative, just one of the new and exclusive (well, sorta - they'll be downloadable on Xbox 360) multiplayer characters in the PS3 version of Double Agent, along with a host of new multiplayer levels for the online Spies Vs Mercenaries game, which was dropped from the PS2 version.

ABOVE: Drop dat booty. Hey, hey, shhhhhh... do it covert style.

Featuring play for up to eight people at a time (four on each side) and gadgets such as the multi-function wrist computer and remote-controlled camera drones, it’ll be like a game of grown-up hide-and-seek (with murder).

Big changes are in store for the PS3 version of the single-player mission, too, going way beyond anything seen in the PS2 game. The main plot and principle mechanics remain unchanged - Sam Fisher goes undercover as a member of the John Brown’s Army terrorist organization, forcing you to choose between “good” or “bad” options as you complete objectives for both terrorists and the US government. But Sam himself is quite different. He can now skydive, swim and take part in daylight missions without the use of his trusty green goggles.


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