Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

You wouldn’t know it from the game’s sub-title, Tools of Destruction, but this is supposed to be a return to the series’ early days when platforming and exploring the colorful, cartoony world took precedence over blowing the hell outta stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with outright carnage when you’re blessed with weapons as inventive as the ones Ratchet has been lucky enough to lay his hands on.

And that inventiveness carries over into this brand new iteration in the series. Why leave enemies dazed with a boring old stun gun when you can use the new Groovitron weapon? Like the name says, it’ll make hapless fools dance on the spot like an embarrassing uncle at a wedding, while a disco ball and lights whirl over their heads. Some weapons even use the much-maligned Sixaxis motion sensing. With the tornado launcher you tilt the controller to guide a mini-whirlwind that sucks up any enemies in its path. The only potential difficulty we can see is trying to control Ratchet, the camera and your chosen weapon all at the same time.


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