Raja Gosnell headed South Of The Border

Not content with bringing the world two – count ‘em – Scooby Doo films, alongside Big Momma’s House and the wretched Yours, Mine And Ours, Raja Gosnell is back.

And this time, he’s infesting Disney. Gosnell has just jumped into the director’s chair for South Of The Border, which aims to be a Babe-alike adventure (live-action with talking critters) about a pampered Chihuahua who finds herself lost in Mexico when her forgetful, Paris Hilton-style owner mislays her while on holiday. She needs to rely on some new friends to help her get home.

Analisa Labianco has scribbled the script, but there’s no word on casting or whether the heavens will open up and lightning will strike the production office as a warning to the director to make a good film this time.