QOTW: What band do you now love because of music games?

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Guitar Hero, Rock Band and other rhythm games have introduced a lot of bands to gamers who otherwise may have never heard of them. Have any bands stuck themselves onto your musical taste buds because you played their song in a game?

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Felixthecat wrote...
"Turok 2 : Seeds of evil will always be an amazing experience for me personally. Most of the time i just used to swim around because i was about 3 and really scared to kill any of the enemies. I still loved it however and it was one of the first FPS's (Goldeneye was technically first, another beloved game) that i ever played and allowed me to discover the wonders of swimming in video games."

jakab11 wrote...
"Well for me, it's gotta be Banjo-Tooie. I couldn't tell you how many hours I sunk into that game, and to this day is my favorite collect-a-thon game out there, as I haven't played many since. Too bad my N64 stopped working, but I got over it when it came out on XBLA. Hoorah for nostalgia."

oldgrammastinkyfeet wrote...
"I learned that other than Mario, I only loved N64 games that didn't end with 64."

WaffleLeech wrote...
"Hands down Paper Mario. I learned to read playing that game. (It came out when I was about five) I remember falling asleep playing that game because my eyelids were too weary to stay open. Collected all the badges, beat the Dojo master 3 times, and delivered all the mail. Baking the cake was a nightmare though, took me at least 20 tries."

Jordo141 wrote...
"Has to be Pokémon Snap. Loved the rare occasions when I would do to my cousin's house and demand to play it. "No, I don't want to play Super Mario 64, I want to play Pokémon Snap".He wished he never got it by the time I was finished with it. Oh, how it was so much hyped.. I wish I could relive it's pixelated glory."

onilosmada wrote...
"I played this game for over 100 hours. Decent story, multiple endings and excellent gameplay customization make a unique experience each play through. This is my favorite N64 game period. I wish SOMEONE would make an online ogre battle game. It would be perfect for XBLA and PSN and would sell more copies then a princess daisy sex tape."

lucashintz wrote...
"I have no idea why. Sooooooooooo much nostalgia though."

Tasty_Pasta wrote...
"Jet Force Gemini. I used to go over to my friends house after school and play the multplayer with him all the time. It was awesome. And I loved the gory deaths of the big ants and the little furbies."

Aug 20, 2009

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