Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary [import] review

  • Simple, yet challenging puzzles
  • Characters with different special moves
  • Multiplayer is a blast
  • Tough to navigate modes
  • Puzzles are meh
  • Using friend codes to play with 7 others

Sega Team’s Japanese-only 15th anniversary party piece contains the best bits of Puyo Pop Fever and its Japanese-only sequel, plus some brand new elements including the much-wanted Wi-Fi.

The deceptively simple-looking puzzle game consists of dropping colored blobs down the screen to create matching groups of four. This seems easy enough, until you realize you don't really want to make a group straightaway - you want to set yourself up to create complicated cascading chains that make you look as cool as ice. Fortunately there's a comprehensive tutorial to teach you.

There are 22 characters to play with, and each has special moves that can be hard to fathom in Japanese. More important is the range of modes - single player, AI battles, the Story Mode and the all-important Wi-Fi, either matching you to random players around the world, or using friend codes. There’s also up to eight-player single-cart mode, which is amazing.

Navigating the menus is a pain, and finding all the different modes is tricky, though it’s jam-packed with different ways to play. Although it’s ultimately immensely involving to master, we’d still rather play Bust-a-Move or Tetris.

More Info

Available Platforms: DS
Genre: Puzzle
Developed by: Sega


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