PS3: We've got it

Today, Sony made our day a whole lot brighter by showing up with two PlayStation 3 debug units: one for our sister publication PSM, and one for us. We opened up the (huge) box, pulled out the hefty, shiny, stylish unit, as well as a whole mess of cords and hooked it up to a sexy HDTV for some immediate next gen action.

Then four out of the five games Sony gave us didn't work.

Above: Like a newborn baby in its blanket. A heavy, expensive, plastic baby that plays incredible new next gen games

Let's be fair: the first Xbox 360 debug units last year weren't reliable, either. In fact, Microsoft ended up recalling and replacing them. But you can imagine our disappointment whenResistance resulted in a black screen.Mobile Suit Gundam: CrossfireandRidge Racer 7refused to load without a hardware update, andNBA 07 chugged along for awhile before crashing and burning. Sony has already promised to get us a software tonight update to make everything better.

We did get to playGenji, though. First impressions: too many badly-acted cutscenes, but the sword-slicing action is solid and the graphics are totally sick. We're ready and raring to slice up more samurai warriors ASAP.

Hungry for more PS3? We'll be updating this story as the evening burns on. But if you need a bigger dose right now,take a look at our blow-out coverage of the latest and hottest games.

You'll also want to check out the video of us tearing open the PS3 for the first time. Just hit the Movies tab up above and you can see it for yourself.

Otherwise, click forward for more pics of the unit...