Prince of Persia: Revelations review

  • Beautiful graphics that rival PS2 title
  • Surprisingly decent controls
  • Evil chick in a metal thong
  • Too much fighting, not enough puzzling
  • Strange sound bugs abound
  • Camera is tricky to manipulate

Seriously, though. If you're going to port one of the console Prince of Persia games to a handheld, why choose Warrior Within? The red-headed stepchild of the modern Prince of Persia series was not only super-buggy, but featured an easy-to-hate hero (viva generic rage!) and fighting-centric gameplay that turned off most fans of the first game.

And Revelations - which is basically a director's cut of Warrior Within - has all of the same problems, with the added bonus of clunky camera control thanks to the limited inputs of the PSP hardware.

To be honest, Revelations doesn't suck. In fact, there's a lot that impresses here. The graphics are generally excellent and the control (despite the frustration you'll feel when fiddling with the camera) is surprisingly good. So if you don't object to your potty-mouthed prince focusing more on skewering baddies and less on using his noggin to figure out the next puzzle, there's definitely something here for you to enjoy.

The problem is that the combat, while improved upon in some ways over the first game, starts to feel really shallow really fast. Sure, the prince can vault around and swing off various bits of the scenery for some pretty amazing kills, but it all feels so canned after the first few times you see it. Plus getting surrounded just sucks. It's easy to lose track of the action in a large crowd of adversaries when the screen is this small, meaning you'll be escaping and attempting to methodically pick off your foes more than just rushing in with swords swinging. Even then it doesn't feel like there's much more strategy to it than that.

The other issue is the aforementioned bugs. Outside of the longish load times between scenes, Revelations is filled with sound bugs, where the music will literally stop and start, stuttering its way through each track for apparently no reason. And it's mixed strangely, too. The Prince could yell something directly into camera, and it's hard to hear over the battle taking place 100 feet behind him.

Warrior Within was a good, but sloppy game. Revelations is more of the same. It's too bad Ubisoft didn't see fit to port either The Sands of Time or The Two Thrones to the PSP instead. Because based on what they accomplished with this title, one of those other two would have been a must-own game.

More Info

Release date: Dec 06 2005 - PSP (US)
Dec 16 2005 - PSP (UK)
Available Platforms: PSP
Genre: Action
Published by: Ubisoft
Developed by: Pipeworks Software
ESRB Rating:
Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes
PEGI Rating:


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