Play World of Warcraft with Kinect

Kinect hack brings motion controls to Azeroth

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University of Southern California researchers have integrated Kinect with World of Warcraft, allowing them to grind on mobs with their own body movements. Users lean forwards and backwards to move, wave their left arm to turn the camera, and hand motions to target enemies and select skills.

“We’re [currently] limited to a few commands, so I don’t think it’d be very good for something like [raiding]...But if you’re in casual play at a basic level, you can go around and do enough spells for common tasks. You can grind for leveling, go on quests … but this isn’t going to be a substitute for your keyboard and mouse,” said USC researcher Evan Suma in an interview with Wired.

Above: World of Warcraft sans mouse and keyboard with the FAAST Kinect toolkit

The hack works by mapping movements to keyboard commands, so the tech isn't limited to WoW by any means. The open source software, called Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) can be downloaded by anybody, but it probably won't be the most user-friendly experience at the moment.

Jan 3, 2011