PAX East 2011: Swag and Merch

You've peeped the showfloor and the cosplayers, no take a gander at these sweet and pretty pics of all the coveted game goodies you could ever want...

Above: Monday Night Combat's Assault dude lookin' smooth

Above: This Ms. Splosion Man statue rules! That cotton candy cloud even lights up

Above: Two GR fans bond over their Okamiden plushie pillows

Above: The OFFICIAL Xbox 360 Exoskeleton of PAX East 2011

Above: Got several grand to blow on a high performance racing chair? Me neither!


Above: Sacks for every girl and boy! EVERYBODY HAVE SACKS!

Above: Splosion Man statue echoes classic Bugs Bunny homoeroticism

Above: Look Maw!

Above: No idea why this exists, but I certainly need one, bruther

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