Pac Pix Cheats

Pac Pix Hints

  • DS | Submitted by ProfesserChoas25

    How to defeat all the bosses except the last one

    Draw a pac man that is big enough to eat the purple boss. (make the mouth bigger than the boss) to beat plant boss is draw a pac man to eat the eyes then eat the boss when your done. To beat the cloud boss draw arrows to shoot the clouds around the boss then when he falls eat him first draw a pac man to fit around the purple boss. The next boss is metal and will need to shoot arrows at his metal armor (when little ghosts appear eat them right away) (bounce the arrows off the metal walls surrounding the boss) when all the armor falls off the boss will fall and draw a pac man big enough to fit around it and your done. The next boss is surrounded by boxes. draw bombs to explode on the boss then the boss will break up into smaller and smaller bosses. When the bosses are finally purple draw a pac man big enough to eat the purple boss eat all of them and the boss is beaten.

  • DS | Submitted by David Guerra

    Enemy Info

    The white ghosts teleport when you come near, and once they teleport they become dizzy, so then you can eat them.
    The giant purple ghost is extremely easy. Just make a giant pac man over and over again until he finally blows up.
    The blue ghost are like the standard pink ghost but they run faster when you come near.
    The numbered ghosts must be eaten in # order or else they will respawn.

  • DS | Submitted by Ryan Webber

    Simple Arrows

    Don't draw a arrow just quickly draw a tiny circle and a line then it works as a arrow its really good!

  • DS | Submitted by jwromans

    Hidden Drawings In Sketchbook Mode

    There are a number of cool things you can draw only in the sketchbook mode:
    Rain Cloud - just draw a fluffy cloud as if you were in playschool then a raincloud should float across the screen!
    Snake - draw a wavy line horizontally to see the snake crawl off the screen.
    Butterfly - draw a figure 8 and it will fly around the screen.

  • DS | Submitted by Weasler

    Stuff in Sketch Book

    1. Cloud.
    2. Ghost.
    3. Magic Pen.
    4. Pac Man.
    5. Rocket.
    6. Car.
    Draw any one of these things in the sketchbook on Pac Pix to get surprises.