What kind of jobs will you be vying for, and do you actually carry them out?

Sugimura: There are lots of different jobs. There's the Landroll Guard, whose duty it is to get rid of Dark Rogues - the monsters who hang out on Landroll - and the Attendant, who's specialized in the service trade. You can also become a celebrity and dance as an Idol, or even a Detective who helps people find valuable missing items. In all jobs, first you'll be a trainee and learn the basics - then you'll start carrying out tasks (e.g. fighting the Dark Rogues as a Guard), and leveling up your license step by step. You'll experience many sorts of minigames and adventures.

You're putting a big emphasis on improving relationships with characters around you. How will this work in practice?

Sugimura: Basically, the first thing you'll do when you visit a new place in Opoona is to talk to the people living there. By getting to know people in this way, you can get new information from them. And if you get more intimate with them and become "Tomodachi," or "friends," you can extract more valuable tidbits from them. Once the Tomodachi relationship is built, you can meet and talk with your friend from time to time during the adventure, make more friends, and level-up your Tomodachi level by getting your skills acknowledged by these friends.

Will there be any support in Opoona for the Wii's Connect24 online service?

Sugimura: Currently we're concentrating on developing the main game, so there are no plans at the moment.