Ninja Gaiden Sigma - interview

At Tecmo's Nite Out 07 in Tokyo last week, we were lucky enough to get a quick conversation with Yosuke Hayashi, director of Ninja Gaiden Sigma. At the event it was announced that the team had just completed the game - which will be released in July for the PlayStation 3. An enhanced remake of the classic Xbox actioner, our glimpse of the completed version on the demo consoles at the event left us excited for more.

GamesRadar: Obviously, you have the new character Rachel playable for the first time. Was it difficult to integrate her new story and gameplay into the game, or did it flow naturally?

Yosuke Hayashi: Yes it was [difficult]. Because there was the main character, Ryu Hayabusa. He has very strong personality. It was kind of a battle between himself... He has very different animation to Rachel.

GR: When Ninja Gaiden originally came out for the Xbox, had you wanted to include Rachel's gameplay, or was this an idea that came about more recently?

YH: When we developed the Xbox version, there was no such plan to make Rachel playable. Because our main goal to create the best action game ever.

GR: Back when the original version came out, Itagaki said that he picked the Xbox because it had the best performance. Are you satisfied with the performance of the PlayStation 3?

YH: In fact, the generation is different. So the platform changed from the Xbox. The policy of Team Ninja, if we develop a certain title for PS3, we have to create the number one title for PS3 - that's my main concern.

GR: This is the third version of Ninja Gaiden. Is it hard to stay interested in this game? Would you rather make a sequel, or are you satisfied just polishing and revising this version?

YH: What I want to say is that I just love Ninja Gaiden. That's why I want more people to play Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I just want more people to play the Ninja Gaiden game. That's why I don't care about polishing this game or creating a sequel.


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