Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo explodes in videos

A playable demo for Ninja Gaiden Sigma (or Ninja Gaiden Σ, for you sticklers out there) hit the PlayStation Store late last week, giving PS3 owners a chance to see for themselves just how far the title has come from its two Xbox incarnations. And although the demo is limited to the first level of the game, this isn't just a watered-down sample of things to come - boot it up, and you'll immediately get access to a handful of the game's most badass weapons. That includes the nunchaku, the Lunar spear, the menacing Dabilahro cleaver-sword and dual-wielded katanas, which are new to Sigma.

Sigma looks and plays great, but in the likely case that you don't yet have a PS3 (or, if you do, that the nearly one-gigabyte download intimidated you), we've put together a video of what you're missing. And because the demo also includes a quickie mission with new character Rachel that unlocks once you've finished the demo level, we've included that as well on the following page.


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