New Zealand Story Revolution review

  • Improved cosmetics are cool
  • The great gameplay is untouched
  • Pure gameplay and challenging too
  • Repetitive sound may break your mind
  • It's pricey for an 18-year old game
  • And you can play it online for nothing

Wednesday 31 January 2007
Okay, two things. One, calling this a 'Revolution' is like calling Peter Andre a timeless performer of real calibre and talent. It's a subtitle of truth-stretching cheekiness that suggests some sort of radical reimagining, when all you're getting is essentially the same old Mysterious Girl with a couple of bolted on extras you'll hardly even notice.

But, by doing that - and here's where number two comes in - by taking a classic 2Der and making only cosmetic changes, DS developers Rising Star have produced a game that remains thoroughly respectful to the simple brilliance of the original, without offering exactly the same experience 18 years later. In short, New Zealand Story Revolution works.

Above: An evil walrus (no, really) steals your friends at the start of the game

In the unlikely event, horrifyingly, that you're too young to remember it, New Zealand Story was a Taito arcade game that ended up dishing out rainbow-coloured platforming justice to pretty much every major games console on planet Earth.

You collected, you killed, you leaped, you floated, you disappeared through swirling portal doors, you got sucked up by a giant pink whale, you froze things, lasered things, drove things and swiped things... for his time, Tiki was a versatile bird.

NZS wasn't as cute as it looked, either - we once found a 10p-a-go version in an arcade in Prestatyn, and wasted all our pocket money getting no further than level four.

Above: The bosses have been given a bit of an overhaul and look pretty good

This DS version, by way of a slight graphical tweak, does all the same stuff, in the same order, and with all the same enemies and music, but shoehorns in a few DS-flavoured extras. Most of which, it has to be said, are tidy. And tidy's better than whistling the theme tune to the game while dancing on Taito's grave with your trousers round your ankles.

There's basket-tossing Tiki the Kiwi from the bottom screen to the top; a spot the difference variant using both screens; tightrope-walking; fishing; plus some more basic stuff like (wait for it) opening doors.

The truth is that your DS isn't going to find itself being strenuously worked out, and your brain isn't going to be challenged at all. But as a reminder of a time when things were a little simpler but no less compelling, this classic outing, given a lick of paint, is really rather ace.

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Available Platforms: DS
Genre: Action
Published by: Marvelous Interactive
Developed by: Rising Star Games
ESRB Rating:
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