New Clash of the Titans screens

Can the God of War-ified film tie-in capture the Harryhausen magic?

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Though they look crude by today%26rsquo;s standards, Ray Harryhausen%26rsquo;s stop-motion monsters were revolutionary for their time. The new film Clash of the Titans updates the special effects to modern blockbuster standards, but what we%26rsquo;ve seen so far of the game seems to lack the Harryhausen charm. This latest batch of screens does little to allay our fears that the game will be a series of arena battles, connected by rocky brown pathways and punctuated by quick time events that we%26rsquo;ll half-heartedly mash our way through for a glimpse at the Medusa or Kraken. Who needs game design when you have a Hollywood marketing budget?

Above: You must fight your way through the Krogan homeworld to reach Hades

Above: An extra wanders in from the Scottish remake of Planet of the Apes

Above: A surprisingly well-clothed woman - have they learned nothing from Kratos?

Above: Methinks I doth smell the pungent aroma of a quick time event

Mar 10, 2010

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