• lovinmyps3 - August 15, 2009 11:13 p.m.

    Wow. I really want to read that book now.
  • protospasm - August 15, 2009 9:51 p.m.

    This article is kind of jarring in that, as a consumate technophile-consumer, I can't wait for the jaded nihilistic dystopian future! AND, this article was spectacular. It legitimizes the interesting and thought-provoking nature that can be discussed in games journalism. (*Forwards this to persons interested in the cyberpunk genre)
  • Stupidturkey - August 15, 2009 6:29 a.m.

    Excellent article, both well researched and thought provoking. However dystopian our society seems to be, it takes an extremely pessimistic outlook to dismiss all of technologies, and more importantly, humanities contributions towards the greater good. Events like LiveAID and Race for the Cure would be almost impossible to assemble without the advancements in technology, and both are high-profile examples of the better side of human nature. For every kid mindlessly blasting away aliens in a videogame is another one joining the local youth sports league because they are compelled to do more with their time then simply live in front of a tv/computer/whatever else. I'm certainly not bashing video games, for I play my fair share of them and greatly enjoy them, but I realize to take these games within the context that I am playing them in, and that true social interactions will never be replaced by virtual ones. Sorry if I appear to be ranting, I do seem to do it a lot.
  • Iffo - August 15, 2009 6:24 a.m.

    Great read and very insightful!! Thanks Joe!
  • JohnnyMaverik - August 15, 2009 5:34 a.m.

    > Amnesiac - 7 hours 18 minutes ago > Dear GamesRadar: > > WRITE MORE ARTICLES LIKE THIS Seconded
  • EmoMuffin - August 15, 2009 2:12 a.m.

    He was spot on in that anything can now be done in the name of "security."
  • doomdoomdoom - August 15, 2009 12:51 a.m.

    Can someone post a short version of what this article says? My mad reading skills are burned out and I need some noobs to teabag. And, SHIT, that is a lot of writing. Damn, that is almost as big as Texas. Also.
  • waynski1457 - August 15, 2009 12:07 a.m.

    This is really an amazing article, and it's great to see something like this up here. Neuromancer really is an amazing read that anyone remotely into SF should look into. I read it every couple of years to keep it fresh. "He never saw Molly again," but I am definitely looking forward to seeing McNeilly again.
  • jakeroks - August 14, 2009 11:19 p.m.

    awww come on, deleting my first first
  • GamesRadarMatthewKeast - August 14, 2009 10:47 p.m.

    Also, Shadowrun is a carbon copy of Neuromancer, but with Orcs & Elves thrown in. It even has you "jacking in" to the "matrix."
  • understudybass - August 14, 2009 9:49 p.m.

    this is the most high-brow article i've ever read on this site. dunno if i like it but it was interesting.
  • loonyman978 - August 14, 2009 9:46 p.m.

    ok..... i didn't understand a single word of that.

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