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MySims Agents review

Watching the detectives, oh so cute


  • Packed with detail and great characters
  • A neat blend of gameplay styles
  • Some neat remote work


  • Simlish is kinda annoying
  • Fairly unchallenging
  • Could be too cute for adults

So, the latest MySims game. It%26rsquo;s part adventure, part platformer, part puzzler and part Sim-tastic create-%26rsquo;em-up. There%26rsquo;s variety in spades, a great story with an amusing script and snazzy visuals to boot.

Of the three main MySims games, this is easily the most story-orientated. Although you can potter about the levels as you please, providing you%26rsquo;ve unlocked them, the story itself is fairly linear. You start out as a no-name private dick before you%26rsquo;re recruited to the S.P.A., given a massive HQ to populate with fellow agents and asked to solve a big mystery concerning nefarious type Morcubus and an object called the Crown Of Nightmares. Each level takes place in a different part of the game world %26ndash; there%26rsquo;s a beach, a mansion in the bayou and an industrial area to name but a few %26ndash; and involves solving a number of mini mysteries, which in turn will help you crack the bigger mystery.

There are three key areas to the detective work. First, you%26rsquo;ll need to chat to everyone. Not all utterances will be relevant but you%26rsquo;ll get the majority of your clues (which are stored in your notebook for later perusal) from nattering to the locals. Then there%26rsquo;s the platforming. Often you%26rsquo;ll be given clues that lead you to lofty places, so there%26rsquo;ll be much jumping and high-wire balancing. The platforming is none too tricky and you can%26rsquo;t die.

Finally there are the minigames, which are played using your detective tools. Among other tasks you%26rsquo;ll need to hack computers, pick locks and repair stuff. There%26rsquo;s a nice variety in the different objectives and the game never gets tedious despite some repetition. There%26rsquo;s plenty of DIY Sim-ness too, from the HQ that you decorate to the character customization. We suggest you ditch any cynicism and go and investigate this.

Oct 1, 2009

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Description<p>The Sims collides with Bond-style action and it asks you to cast aside your prejudices. This game's inventive mix of platforming and puzzle solving is a great time for those unafraid of getting a "kiddy" title.</p>
Franchise nameThe Sims
UK franchise nameThe Sims
PlatformWii, DS
US censor ratingEveryone, Everyone
UK censor rating3+, 3+
Release date:29 September 2009 (US), 25 September 2009 (UK)
Available platforms:Wii
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