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Mr Peabody & Sherman review

The days of future arf!

Sleekly airbrushed and upgraded with vertiginous 3D and a ‘Families come in all varieties’ message, this big-screen reboot of the ’60s US TV cartoon about a time-travelling canine genius and his adopted human son sits up and begs for your attention.

But there’s no bite in director Rob Minkoff’s ( The Lion King ) cutely gag-spattered history lessons, leaping whimsically from bratty King Tut to Leonardo’s mardy Mona Lisa when Sherman takes a forbidden joyride.

Despite top-notch visuals and versatile voice-work from Ty Burrell’s ( Modern Family ) doting doggy dad and Alison Janney’s monstrous social worker, it lacks the Up -style warmth to be best in show.

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