MotorStorm is visually very impressive - do you think PS3 is capable of producing even better looking visuals?
Absolutely. If history shows us anything, it's that the second generation of titles will be even more visually impressive than the first. PS3 is the most powerful console ever made, and we all know it's going to give us an amazing ride, and it starts right here. Try comparing our first WRC game to our last - and just think about the implications.

Above: Spectacular crashes are common, with MotorStorm's vehicles coming apart in satisfying chunks

We're impressed by how closely the latest version compares with the E3 2005 'target footage' - did you ever feel like you might not be able to achieve what the video promised?
Hardly a week went by when we didn't wonder if we'd aimed too high, but aiming high was what we wanted to do. That's how you push yourself - set a high target and make sure you achieve it.

It's been a massive amount of work but we've got there in the end and we're really, really pleased with what we've achieved. Hopefully new PS3 owners will be just as pleased as we are when they get their hands on the game.