More shocking secrets of game store workers - Part Two

The Customers, The Coworkers

Aug 21 2007

GamesRadar: Describe the average customer. Which customers do you like? And dislike?

Employee #5: The average customer comes into the store knowing roughly what they want and usually doesn't need much help. More often than not it tends to be young males. I like customers who are newer to gaming and are in need of some advice; I dislike customers who aren't a certain age, yet try to buy games and argue when you ask for proof of age. We have to check!

Employee #2: We get a lot of mums with young kids in the shop. They always seem polite and willing to listen, so I like them.

Employee #7: Average customers tend to be unemployed scruffy idiots that need money for fags and beer. They only ever want cash for their games, and get upset if we can%26rsquo;t do it. They assume that because they live off your tax money, you owe them a living and you MUST give them more cash for their games.

I like the customers that are polite. These are rare though. I hate the type of customer that thinks you%26rsquo;re their friend. You can%26rsquo;t even escape them because you%26rsquo;re stuck behind a counter. They know this too!

By far the worst type of customer is the heroin addict. They%26rsquo;re desperate for money. They go around town stealing games to sell to you. When you refuse to buy them in they swear at you and threaten you. I%26rsquo;ve lost count of the amount of times that I%26rsquo;ve been threatened to be stabbed or needled. Most of the time they are just idle threats and they aren%26rsquo;t going to back them up, but you never know.

Employee #1: The typical customer kind of falls into that Sony PlayStation-era category. A hip twentysomething that plays Gran Turismo and likes fighting games.

Employee #3: Customer types vary throughout the day. First thing in the morning you'll get the mum's who don't have a clue wandering aimlessly around the store, they're my favourite. The worst are the people that threaten to kill you when you won't return their beaten up copy of Def Jam: ICON. It's faulty I know, but that's because it looks like you've tried to eat it rather than play it.


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