More shocking secrets of game store workers - Part Two

Aug 21 2007

GamesRadar: Describe the average customer. Which customers do you like? And dislike?

Employee #5: The average customer comes into the store knowing roughly what they want and usually doesn't need much help. More often than not it tends to be young males. I like customers who are newer to gaming and are in need of some advice; I dislike customers who aren't a certain age, yet try to buy games and argue when you ask for proof of age. We have to check!

Employee #2: We get a lot of mums with young kids in the shop. They always seem polite and willing to listen, so I like them.

Employee #7: Average customers tend to be unemployed scruffy idiots that need money for fags and beer. They only ever want cash for their games, and get upset if we can’t do it. They assume that because they live off your tax money, you owe them a living and you MUST give them more cash for their games.

I like the customers that are polite. These are rare though. I hate the type of customer that thinks you’re their friend. You can’t even escape them because you’re stuck behind a counter. They know this too!

By far the worst type of customer is the heroin addict. They’re desperate for money. They go around town stealing games to sell to you. When you refuse to buy them in they swear at you and threaten you. I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I’ve been threatened to be stabbed or needled. Most of the time they are just idle threats and they aren’t going to back them up, but you never know.

Employee #1: The typical customer kind of falls into that Sony PlayStation-era category. A hip twentysomething that plays Gran Turismo and likes fighting games.

Employee #3: Customer types vary throughout the day. First thing in the morning you'll get the mum's who don't have a clue wandering aimlessly around the store, they're my favourite. The worst are the people that threaten to kill you when you won't return their beaten up copy of Def Jam: ICON. It's faulty I know, but that's because it looks like you've tried to eat it rather than play it.

GR: Do you find that parents buying games for their children are well-informed?

#2: I think it's my job to inform them! It's one of the greatest parts of the job, when a young kid buys his first console from me (usually a DS these days). I'd take them through some of the best sellers as well as some "out there" games.  It's great when they (mother and kid) come back in a few weeks later to buy some more games; clearly they are enjoying their new experience!

Employee #6: That's debatable. Sometimes I think customer buying the 18-rated games for their children just don't care. I used to go out of my way to explain that games like Grand Theft Auto contain drugs, murder and whatever else – they never seem bothered when I tell them, so I've stopped pointing it out.

Employee #4: I don't think so sometimes, especially with certificated games. They really need to be made more aware of why some games have a 15 or an 18 slapped on them.

#5: No, a lot of parents have no idea about what a lot of these games contain. Some will ask for our help on deciding which games their children should play, which is good. We'll make sure they know roughly what they're buying if we think it could be meant as a gift for a younger person.

#1: They’re becoming better informed. It might just be due to kids buying games mags, and parents also reading. But also younger parents are people who used to be gamers themselves when they were kids. So it’s not such an oddity to them.

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