Modern Warfare 2's coolest Easter eggs

You may have overlooked these gems in the heat of battle

Dramatic chickens

Aside from traffic and civilians, you%26rsquo;ll also encounter caged chickens in the favela. When you ruthlessly murder the helpless poultry, watch closely and you%26rsquo;ll see them perform a dramatic death animation that%26rsquo;s more Looney Tunes than Black Hawk Down. Perhaps this Easter egg is meant for PETA,whohad a problemwith the dog killing in World at War.

Departures %26ndash; Delayed

Above: The least of our worries

In the controversial airport massacre scene, while wading through a mess of bullet-riddled vacationers, the flight times all suddenly flip over to %26ldquo;delayed.%26rdquo; It%26rsquo;s darkly humorous to think that in the midst of this horrifying bloodbath, some anal retentive desk-jockey wouldn%26rsquo;t flee for his life until he%26rsquo;d properly updated the signage. Now that%26rsquo;s putting the customer experience first. You%26rsquo;re looking at Employee of the Month right there.

Blow up doll in Makarov%26rsquo;s safehouse

Above: Don%26rsquo;t pretend like you didn%26rsquo;t consider it

Just think of all those haggard, lonely men, holed away in a remote mountain cabin guarding Makarov%26rsquo;s precious intel with no way to gratify their baser urges. But Makarov knows how to take care of his hired goons - he%26rsquo;s provided a deluxe novelty sex doll for them to pass around in their off-duty hours. When was the last time your boss was so considerate?

Standard Hotel rooftop bar

Above: Swanky! And yes, those tanks explode

Call us jet set hipster trash if you must, but we immediately recognized this perfect recreation of the rooftop bar at The Standard, a trendy hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Not pictured: flavor of the minute DJs, overpriced drinks, skeezy gold diggers.

Above: Suites at The Standard come with a giant black foam rubber foot, for some reason

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