Metal Gear Survive - E3 2017 gameplay, delayed release date, and everything we know

Fast Facts

  • Metal Gear Survive Release date: 2018
  • Format: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Developer: Konami
  • Price: TBD (likely to be less than $59.99 / £54.99)

Update: Konami has pushed Metal Gear Survive's release date back a bit. It's now due to arrive some time in 2018 instead of some time in 2017. Read on for more details about the odd-looking, crystal-zombie defense game.

To say that Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain was released under some controversy is an understatement. Konami has subsequently restructured their development studios, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is out and off making whatever the heck Death Stranding is, and the next official entry in the Metal Gear franchise is… a co-op zombie survival game called Metal Gear Survive. Little has been seen of the game since its surprise unveiling at Gamescom 2016, but Konami’s latest Metal Gear sequel is expected to resurface at E3 2017. It's about as weird a saga as the plot of any Metal Gear game.

Once the shock of the announcement settled, reason began to kick in. For one, The Phantom Pain was excellent, and Metal Gear Survive looks to use its award-winning gameplay structure to make some interesting changes – which might not be as unwelcome as the alternatives. And while we don't know a ton about it yet, Survive looks no stranger than other spin-offs in the series, like the card-based strategy game Metal Gear Acid or Platinum's character-action title Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Will Metal Gear Survive mark the beginning of Konami's resurgence into video games? While we won't have the answer for that until Survive hits later this year, here's everything we do know now.

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Metal Gear Survive trailer shows an alternate universe set after the events of Ground Zeroes

So, you know the ending of MGS: Ground Zeroes, right? Skull Face's army shows up and destroys Mother Base, which leaves Big Boss in a coma that lasts for years - a bad time for everyone. Well, what if a wormhole opened up and sucked in all of the surviving soldiers during the skirmish, sending them to an alternate universe filled with evil, crystallized zombies? Look, it's not the strangest thing to happen in the Metal Gear canon.

The Gamescom 2016 reveal trailer above shows off the general idea behind the game: you and up to three other friends must work together, craft weapons, build defenses, and fend off a zombie menace in a strange new story. All of this is built inside the Fox Engine, which also powers the incredibly versatile and inventive world of The Phantom Pain.

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Metal Gear Survive gameplay requires wits, cunning, and cooperation

Based on the Tokyo Game Show 2016 gameplay video and new gameplay previews from E3 2017, Metal Gear Survive seems to operate similarly to The Phantom Pain in a lot of ways. You'll head out into the field from your home base, procure supplies, complete objectives, and head on back, all while furthering the storyline. There seem to be quite a few important differences, though - and I'm not just talking about the zombies.

For one, individual soldiers seem way squishier this time around. In The Phantom Pain, you could heal by simply hiding out long enough without getting shot. In Survive, however, you can injure individual body parts, which require attention in your menu if you don't want to walk around with a limp for the rest of the mission (a la Snake Eater). Given that there are so many different lures and traps available at your disposal, there's a good chance that you'll die far quicker compared to previous games.

It's important to procure supplies in the field so you can use them to craft additional weapons and barricades. The mission in the video shows the squad holed up in a bombed-out village, defending against wave after wave of invading zombies hell-bent on destroying an important beacon. Players can use a crafting table to build fences, barbed wire, turrets, and more, akin to the fortifications in Gears of War 4's horde mode.

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Metal Gear Survive producer Yuji Korekado has a history of Metal Gear under his belt

Ok, so Hideo Kojima is nowhere in sight on this one, but that doesn't mean it's being handled by a team of nobodies. Much of the development team is made up of people who worked on the excellent Phantom Pain, and the lead producer is none other than Yuji Korekado. While he's not exactly a household name like Kojima, he's been a credited programmer on the series since Metal Gear Solid on the original PlayStation, and was one of the head producers on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and both Metal Gear Solid 5 games. So while Metal Gear Survive may not be exactly what people were expecting, it's certainly in capable hands.

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Metal Gear Survive release date is sometime in 2018, and costs less than a full game

Nevermind the original 2017 release window, Konami now says Metal Gear Survive will arrive some time in 2018. Kept you waiting, huh?

Metal Gear Survive may not be a conventional entry in the Metal Gear canon, but Konami's at least smart enough to put that out front by confirming that it won't cost as much as a full-priced game. There aren't any details on the final price you'll end up paying when it finally launches later this year, but we caught sight of a 30 Euro price point on a PR sheet back at Gamescom. That certainly takes the edge off a bit.

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