Metal Gear Solid 4 family tree

We bring you up to speed on the main players in the series

Oct 3, 2007

Solid Snake
First appearance: Metal Gear (MSX2)
Nationality: American
Affiliation: Philanthropy
Looks like: Your Grandpa
Voiced by: David Hayter
Biography: Solid Snake is a black ops/spy entrusted with keeping the world safe from the huge bipedal, nuclear-armed robots known as the Metal Gears. Since the first Metal Gear, Solid Snake has gone from snot nosed new clone (reproduced from the DNA of Big Boss) to white-haired and decrepit war veteran (despite only being set five years after Sons of Liberty).
What he%26rsquo;s doing in MGS4: We last saw him melting into the crowd at the end of MGS2 with information on The Patriots - a sinister organization controlling the US Government. Despite having retired from active duty more times than %26ldquo;Sugar%26rdquo; Ray Leonard, he%26rsquo;s now back to take them on - let%26rsquo;s hope his colostomy bag is suitably hardy.

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