Meet the men of Crackdown

The developers of Crackdown, a free-roaming, car-throwing, super-powered future-cop simulator in the vein of Grand Theft Auto, seem unusually keen on bucking videogame tradition in every way possible. Their character designs are no exception; rather that going with a typical good-looking hero, they've unveiled a diverse cast of eight beefy misfits from an unusual range of ethnic backgrounds.

Their designers have taken pains to give these superheroes as much weird, unconventional personality as possible - especially if it diverges from typical stereotypes. To give you a taste of what to anticipate, we'll take a quick look at each one in the next few pages. Expect weathered faces, scars, piercings and lots of tattoos, and expect more and more as the agents get powered up. But don't expect names - as of press time, the agents have been identified only by their ethnicity.

African American Agent: This is the guy you've probably seen in most screens of Crackdown up to this point. "AAA," as we'll call him for now, is based loosely on one of the biggest inspirations for Crackdown's heroes and their powers: the comic-book/movie vampire-hunter Blade. See those weird streaks on the side of his head? They're meant as an homage to Wesley Snipes' sculpted hairstyle in the film.

Asian Agent: OK, so maybe the designers aren't completely bucking stereotypes with all their characters. They describe the Asian Agent as "traditional in appearance," although he does have one weird thing going for him: instead of getting bulkier as he grows more powerful, he gets older, and his totally beefed-up form actually has a full head of white hair. But as long as he's still able to toss trucks around with his techno-gloved hands, we're not complaining.


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