You know what it's like. You're probably going through it now. You wake up, and you find yourself consumed with an unshakeable feeling that you really must see a whole bunch of gorgeous Mass Effect 3 inspired digital painting before the end of the day. Don't worry. We - via our darling sister-magazine ImagineFX -  have you covered. You see ImagineFX are currently gearing up to launch their rather hefty How Top Draw And Paint Game Art special, containing, amongst other things, a bounty of ME3 portraits by BioWare's own Patryk Olejniczak. Click through, and you shall find a bunch of them, right on these very digital pages.

Those other things I mentioned that the portraits are "amongst"? Well how about a whole stack of new tips, tricks and workshops from the brightest and best of professional video game artists? How about input from the guys behind Uncharted 3 and Batman: Arkham City? How about a 240-minute tutorial DVD? How about all of that for £7.99, from the 29th of March? Sound good? Well you can click here for the pre-order form of your dreams*.

*Provided your dreams involve the pre-ordering of the ImagineFX How To Draw And Paint Game Art special, and not some highly specialised sexual stuff that we cannot provide.


Mass Effect 3


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