Maelstrom - latest impressions

The Ascension faction is considerably more challenging. These are the foremost of the corporations and have the best technology. Their army is primarily based on reconfigurable units, clones and robots. Even their bases are flexible - the vast majority of their buildings being constructed from just one base unit. This vanguard can deploy and form whatever's required, or pack itself away to move to a new position.

But the real transforming can be seen in the vast majority of the Ascension's vehicular might, almost all of which can move between two alternate modes, such as tank/sniper.

The final side is the Hai-Genti. Or, for those who don't speak Alien, the Aliens. These have invaded the planet, believing it to be uninhabited by sentient life because... well, look at the state of the place. These are post-Geiger-design aliens, relying on their impressive biotechnology to triumph over the Earth. Spores drop from the heavens to act as buildings, which then grow, going through larger and increasingly disgusting stages.

Eggs land nearby, and can be grown into varying sizes of monsters. While there are those with ranged attacks, their strength is in close-combat melee with some creatures tearing apart tanks with bare claws.