LMA Manager 2007

  • The excellent match engine
  • Downloadable stats
  • Comprehensive content
  • Navigating menus with the thumbstick
  • Winning so easily
  • Illogical icons

Right, LMA Manager it is, then. We're in charge of those super-stylish magpies Notts County, we've picked ourselves a suitable beardy managerial avatar to scare/galvanise our players into action, we've just won our opening game at Wycombe 2-1 and we're feeling pretty good about things. All we need now is another goalkeeper and things will be 'supercool'.

Okay, so where's the player search option? Is it the symbol of a man running? Oh, that's the training screen. Perhaps it's the little pic of a ball? No, that's our financial information - get it off the screen. Perhaps the pentangle...? Oh.

See, there's a reason why most title screens communicate using the roman alphabet rather than Heinz Manchester United Pasta Shapes; because although it's not as cute, it's a fair sight more accessible for the player.LMA '07 is obsessed with shortcuts, but its weirdo main menu, which relies heavily on the shoulder and trigger buttons, is needlessly, endlessly niggly and causes a phenomenon known only as 'pain o'plenty'.

Above: Only the flat-pack fans really let down the 3D match engine

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Available Platforms: PS2, Xbox 360, PC
Genre: Sports
Published by: Codemasters
Developed by: Codemasters

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