Let's get it Aion

NCsoft probably noticed that most of us spent our playing time in Far Cry trying to climb mountains or jump off cliffs. They've used a modified version of the tropical shooter's engine for their high-fantasy MMORPG Aion, a war of two worlds, three factions and a whole lot of feathers.

Two of the factions - the Chun and the Ma - are open to players, while the demonic Yong are all computer-controlled. Initially they're all at war with one another, but the players can change that: the Ma could even ally with the Yong to gang up on the Chun, for example. We should add that these names could - and should - change before release.

But that's a long way from the most enticing thing about the luscious Aion. Players can obtain the ability to sprout wings and fly. Watch the trailer: flight appears to have elements of real physics about it. Swoops give you incredible bursts of speed, and it all looks much more elegant than City of Heroes' vague floatery. Most excitingly, it also features aerial combat, something CoH has proved ill-suited for and which we've yet to see done properly.

But even if they get that right, it's unlikely to compare to the thrill of simply soaring high over these jungle-coated mountains, sheer cliffs and roaring waterfalls. More soon.

February 14, 2007


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