Less Fallout 3, more Portal

Bethesda's Daryl Brigner is at it again.Last yearthe Fallout 3 level designer created rock hard maps for Portal called Ren_Test1, Ren_Test2, and he's now gone and made, yep, Ren_Test3.

Shouldn't he be designing the levels for Fallout 3? Not unless all his work on the RPG sequel is complete of course. Well, that or he never, ever sleeps...

Anyway, we've not tried Ren_Test3 ourselves yet, but apparently it's not quite as evil as its predecessor. Although it's still a challenge.

If you download the new mapfrom here, you get Ren_Test1 and Ren_Test2 included. What a bargain! Oh, hang on, it's free isn't it.

Courtesy of CVG

Feb 12, 2008