Leonardo DiCaprio's long and tear-stained journey to Oscar glory

There once was a fresh-faced young actor who dreamed of one day winning an Oscar...

He starred in a movie about two brothers and everyone said he should win an Oscar for it, but he was cruelly robbed by the devious Tommy Lee Jones.

It was ok, though, because he'd get another chance and he went on to star in some great movies and only froze to death that one time.

In 2005 he was nominated again - this time for Best Actor for The Aviator - and he felt pretty good about himself...

But sadly Jamie Foxx had acted in a biographical movie about Ray Charles that year which was just better.

He did win his first Golden Globe though, and pretended that it was just as important as an Oscar even though everyone knows it isn't.

A couple of years later the actor made a movie about the diamond industry in South Africa and was confident that it was depressing enough to bag him the Oscar he always wanted. Sure enough he was nominated for Best Actor, but at the last minute everyone decided that no one could possibly be better than Forest Whitaker!

Which was probably true...

The actor started to lose hope. Everyone was talking about why he didn’t have an Oscar, and it was getting hard to hold his happy-loser face.

Enough was enough, it was time to pull out the big guns. The actor signed on for a role in Wolf of Wall Street and acted his little heart out…

He was nominated for Best Actor at the 2014 Oscars…

Everyone said he was going to get it this time (even his mum)...

Then he was unbelievably betrayed by his co-star and good friend Matthew McConaughey. Damn you, McConaughey!

But, you know, he got another Golden Globe, so there's that...

After that he cried a bit.

Then he decided he didn’t even want an Oscar anyway, and just when he was in a good place emotionally, the Academy nominated him for Best Actor... again.

The actor dared to dream, could this finally be his year?

Finally Leo won gold!

The actor knew that all the blood, sweat and tears had been worth it as he grasped his very own Oscar... and the rest of world realised they'd have to think of something else to talk about next year.

You did it Leo. You did it.


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