LEGO Indiana Jones: Hands-on preview

We've played levels from all three movies. But how does plastic Indy stand up against plastic Han Solo?

Playing through the first few levels of the game%26rsquo;s Raiders Of The Lost Ark segment, it felt like something was missing. All the correct elements were theoretically there; smooth platforming, combat evocative of a bunch of toddlers having a fist fight, the movie%26rsquo;s iconic original score juxtaposed with all manner of tinkly, plasticy, LEGOey sound effects%26hellip; It should have been bliss for a bunch of %26lsquo;80s-vintage man-children like ourselves. But it all just felt a little flat. Flat and repetetive.

Now we know that the LEGO games aren%26rsquo;t intended to be epic, medium-defining groundbreakers. They%26rsquo;re clever, knowing, knockabout fun, and that%26rsquo;s why we love them dearly. But the initial stages of the game found us dangerously close to losing interest. The new, more puzzle-focussed direction of LEGO Indy suits the source material perfectly and is a recipe for ahuge amount of laughter and shouting in co-op play, but its implimentation in the early part of the game eventuallymadethe experiencefeel very bland indeed.

Stale, monotone pacing and far too many recycled puzzle elements (Give the monkey a banana, recieve a useful object. We get it, okay?!) made us rapidly lose any concept of how far we were into a level, and in particular made the middle-eastern town section feel several hours long. Combined with the occasional unclear objective, a few seemingly random puzzle solutions (%26ldquo;Oh, we need to smash that piece of background scenery toget the key%26hellip;%26rdquo;) and a largely fixed camera that wasn%26rsquo;t always fixed in the right place, LEGO Indy%26rsquo;s early failings were making us feel very sad indeed. However%26hellip;


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