Legend of Heroes III - hands-on

Yes, like its predecessors, LoH3 is very slow to start, and the similarity doesn%26rsquo;t stop there. The world- although beautiful - looks just like LoH2, right down to the main character- whose hair is conspicuously similar to the hero's hair in the previous installment. Even the game menu has only a few, mostly superficial, changes.

The pet system, on the other hand, is justridiculously cute and has been greatly expanded. Still in the early stages of the game, we have no fewer than three animals following us around at all times: a dog, a cat, and a desert rat. The cat is the neediest of the bunch. It seems to get hungry every fifteen minutes. No need to pack a lunch though, it gobbles up any old armor, weapons, potions or anything else we send its way. In return, it finds items and gives an occasional healing or ability boost before combat.Once, the cat even got mad and summoned up a devastating tornado after a hearty breakfast of leather gloves and old swords.