Kirby Super Star Ultra Cheats

Kirby Super Star Ultra FAQs

Kirby Super Star Ultra Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by goldorf

    Golden Frame

    If you get 100% in your file, the Corkboard will have a golden frame around it.

  • DS | Submitted by sdfsdfsddhfgfh

    Sound Test

    Sound Test - Complete Milky Way Wishes

  • DS | Submitted by Special

    Special Videos

    Video 00 - Complete Helper to Hero as all of the helpers
    Video 31 - Complete Meta Knightmare Ultra
    Video 34 - Complete The True Arena
    Video 35 - Complete 100 percent of the game

  • DS | Submitted by Steve

    Unlockable Films

    Dyna Blade - Play through Dyna Blade
    Gourmet Race - Play through Gourmet Race
    Grand Opening - Simply watch the opening of the game
    Great Cave Offensive - Play through the Great Cave Offensive
    Great Escape-Hero Up High - Beat the Great Cave Offensive
    Halberd Scenes 1-3 - Play through Revenge of Meta Knight
    Live Healthy - Defeat Dyna Blade
    Revenge of Meta Knight - Play through Revenge of Meta Knight
    Spring Breeze - Play through Spring Breeze
    Tomorrow's Wind - Defeat King DeDeDe in Spring Breeze

  • DS | Submitted by Benhepkmnchamp

    Game Unlockables

    Dyna Blade - Beat Spring Breeze
    Gourmet Race - Beat Spring Breeze
    Helper to a Hero - Complete The Arena.
    Megaton Punch - Complete The Arena.
    Meta Knightmare Ultra - Complete Revenge of the King.
    Milky Way Wishes - Beat Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive,Gourmet Race, and Revenge of MetaKnight
    Revenge of MetaKnight - Beat Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, and Gourmet Race
    Revenge of The King - Complete Milky Way Wishes.
    Samurai Kirby - Clear Meta-Knightmare Ultra.
    Sound Test - Clear The First six games.
    The Arena - Complete Milky Way Wishes.
    The Great Cave Offensive - Beat Spring Breeze
    The True Arena - Complete The Arena, Helper to Hero, Revenge of the King and Meta Knightmare Ultra

Kirby Super Star Ultra Easter Eggs

  • DS | Submitted by ThedarkBrother28

    Golden Statue

    In a level with a rock copy power, suck him up as Kirby. Get Kirby alone and begin turning into different stones. Keep trying and after some time you will get a gold statue. I know about three but there may be more so do this a lot.

  • DS | Submitted by KirbyWirby1

    Some Sound Test Tracks

    Sound Test (Unlocked after beating first six games)

    Here's a list of some songs in sound test and their numbers. These are under "Music" not "Sounds":

    00: Grand Opening
    06: Green Greens Redux
    09: Boss Battle Theme
    12: King DeDeDe
    24: Mini-boss Theme
    27: Dyna Blade (Battle)
    33: King DeDeDe (Adventure/NiDL) Redux
    40: "The Great Cave Offensive" Theme
    43: Computer Virus
    48: "The Revenge of Meta Knight" Theme
    53: Meta Knight (Battle)
    55: Halberd Escape
    62: Galactic Nova/GN Nucleus
    63: Going after Marx
    64: Marx

    I will continue getting and making up names for the tracks! Keep jammin' to K: SSU music!

  • DS | Submitted by dsafasdf

    Secret HAL Room

    Go to Stage 2 in Revenge of the King. Find the area with the stone switch, and hit the switch. If you then go left and press up you should be able to face a mini-boss. After beating him, you should be able to find the secret HAL room.

  • DS | Submitted by UltraSmasher

    Ghost Kirby

    Gourmet Race time trials

    When you create a "ghost" in time trials, when you race the ghost it will be ghost Kirby from Squeak Squad.

  • DS | Submitted by So Blue

    Nintendo Easter Egg

    During the final boss fight, you'll be able to see Nintendo characters, if you move the the far left and right of the arena.

  • DS | Submitted by BenthepkmnChamp

    Kirby Kisses

    Whenever you have a partner and get food, pass in front of your partner and Kirby will kiss them and them the same heal.

Kirby Super Star Ultra Hints

  • DS | Submitted by Benthepokemonchamp

    Bosses and their locations

    Spring Breeze
    Whispy Woods - Green Greens, the Arena, Helper to Hero
    Lololo & Lalala - Float Islands, the Arena
    Kracko Jr. - Bubbly Clouds, the Arena
    Kracko - Bubbly Clouds, the Arena, Helper to Hero
    Dedede - Mt. Dedede, The Arena, Helper to Hero

    Dyna Blade
    Iron Mam - After Mallow Castle
    Dyna Blade - Dyna Blade's Nest, the Arena, Helper to Hero

    Revenge of Meta Knight
    Heavy Lobster - Deck, Right Wing, the Arena
    Whispy Woods - Ocean, The Arena
    Twin Woods - Ocean, The Arena
    Main Cannon #2 - Deck, the Arena
    Meta Knight - Main Cabin, Halberd Top, the Arena, Helper to Hero

    Milky Way Wishes
    Twin Woods - Floria, the Arena
    Fatty Whale - Aquarius, the Arena, Helper to Hero
    Kracko - Skyhigh, the Arena, Helper to Hero
    Chameleo Arm - Hotbeat, the Arena, Helper to Hero
    Wam Bam Rock - Cavius, the Arena, Helper to Hero
    Heavy Lobster - Mekkai, the Arena
    Computer Virus - Halfmoon, the Arena, Helper to Hero
    Galactic Nova Core - Galactic Nova, the Arena
    Marx - After Galactic Nova Core, the Arena

    Revenge of the King
    Whispy's Revenge - Purple Plants, the TRUE Arena
    Lololo and Lalala's Revenge - Illusion Islands, the TRUE Arena
    Kracko Jr.'s Revenge - Crash Clouds, the TRUE Arena
    Kracko's Revenge - Crash Clouds, the TRUE Arena
    Kabula - Mt. Dedede Sky, the TRUE Arena
    True Mid Boss All Stars - Final Stage the Revenge, the TRUE Arena
    Bandana Waddle Dee - Final Stage the Revenge, the Arena
    Masked Dedede - Final Stage the Revenge, the TRUE Arena

    Mid Boss All Stars 1 - The Arena, Helper to Hero
    Mid Boss All Stars 2 - The Arena, Helper to Hero
    Wam Bam Jewel - Helper to Hero, The TRUE Arena
    Galacta Knight - Meta Knightmare Ultra, the TRUE Arena
    Marx Soul - The TRUE Arena

  • DS | Submitted by TrAnMu

    Character Hints

    In Helper to Hero, a good way to beat it it to use Tac (little ability stealer). Use his hand grab for offense and press L or R and he blends into his surroundings, making him impervious to damage.

  • DS | Submitted by E1garnv3ir0

    Get The Copy Ability

    In milky way wishes when your flying around you will see a glowing star go to the star is should say "???." Push A and it will be full of tacs (the ones that steal your ability). Run right trough them and at the end there should be a copy ability if you want 100% on milky way wishes this is necessary.