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The seeds were sown for Justice League in the previous Extended Universe film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. You don't have to delve too deep to know that; it's right there in the title! While that's a pretty explicit hint at the creation of DC's superhero team, throughout the film it's more of a suggestive tease, a flash (ahem) forward of what's to come for Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince and the rest of those metahumans only shown for a moment onscreen. But what can we expect from the Justice League's first proper live-action outing? 

Zack Snyder returns to direct, with a story that follows on from the events of Dawn of Justice as The Dark Knight recruits a bunch of gifted individuals to help battle an even bigger threat than Lex Luthor. That's something the official synopsis calls "an assault of catastrophic proportions" which we know to be Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons, hellbent on capturing three Mother Boxes -  items that possess great power, much like Marvel's Infinity Stones. 

Along with Justice League's heavily-retweaked tone, promising a much more fun and carefree comic book movie than its predecessor, the ensemble of actors is also expanding. Here's who we know is coming back and who's new to the fold

Ben Affleck is Bruce Wayne/Batman

Batfleck returns. The last we saw of Bruce Wayne, he was hobnobbing at Superman's funeral with Wonder Woman, discussing the creation of a metahuman team. That team is... yep, you guessed it, the Justice League. His role in the Justice League movie is leaning more toward a mentor-style part, as he goes about assembling the team and encouraging whippersnappers like The Flash and Cyborg to come aboard. He's picked up more of a sense of humor, too, as the Comic Con teaser closes with him poking fun at Aquaman.

Affleck's investment in the character saw him tapping away at the keys for some rewrites to keep Justice League more in sync with the 'detective style' he hopes to achieve with his solo Batman flick farther down the line. According to Affleck, Justice League Bruce will be much more like the Batman from the comics and less like the brooding action star from Dawn of Justice. 

Henry Cavill is Clark Kent/Superman

Shock, horror. Superman isn't dead. While he was killed during Batman v Superman's final battle with Lex Luthor's revolting creation Doomsday, nothing can keep the last son of Krypton down. The final shot of Dawn of Justice hinted at his return when dirt rises from his coffin, trembling in reverse. Presumably, this is a big giveaway for aliens returning from the dead. Snyder says Supes' death was pivotal for the formation of the Justice League, but obviously, he's got to come back.  

With returning from the grave shown to have quite a powerful effect on a person (i.e. Buffy) Supes won't be the exact same guy we knew before. Even though a snap of Henry Cavill wearing Supes' infamous kissy curl did the rounds, the actor's social media accounts tell a different story. A close-up of a black suit suggests part of his story arc borrows from the Death of Superman comics, wherein Superman donned a 'recovery' suit post-resurrection. So, we know he'll be dressed a little differently, but based on that first official image of the JL - he's likely to return to his standard blue 'n’ red costume by the movie's end.  

Gal Gadot is Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is easily one of the best parts of Dawn of Justice - outside of the so-bad-it's-good Martha moment - and Gal Gadot is back for the follow-up. 

Part of what's interesting about Diana Prince is that audiences will see her in Justice League in an entirely new light. Yes, we knew she had stamina after that DoJ final fight, but when we meet her again it'll be after her own solo film hits theaters, giving us chance to learn more about her journey from Amazonian to antiquities dealer.

As we saw toward the end of Batman v Superman, Diana will continue her friendship with Bruce Wayne. She appears to be helping him convince the other metahumans to join their crew, and having a good ole LOL in the process. "I think we've found a very very interesting dynamic," Gadot tells Comicbook.com of the movie. "I think it's fun, it’s funny, it's different. Each and every character brings their own flavor and color to the team, and for me, you know, personally, it's really fun to play with them, it felt great. They're talented, and I'm having a great time."

Ezra Miller is Barry Allen/The Flash

"Stop right there - I'm in," says Barry Allen, cutting off Batman mid-flow as he's about to launch into a huge speech to convince Flash to join him. "I need.... friends," he explains. Right away, that scene from the Comic Con teaser tells us plenty about The Flash's role in Justice League. He's funny and he's fast. His sense of humor that the DCEU is most lacking at this point, making him a most welcome addition indeed.

That second part? Yes, Allen is fast. If you've caught The CW's show based on the same character you'll already know that. He can reach ridiculous speeds. Justice League is a whole new take on the Central City forensics officer. That's his profession in the comics, and judging by the brief scan of his homestead in the teaser, he's likely within that same job here too. Lots of consoles and screens suggest the scarlet speedster is type of guy who works 24/7. That's probably why he's in desperate need of pals. Aww.

Jason Momoa is Arthur Curry/Aquaman

Following that briefest glimpse in Batman v Superman we get to meet Arthur Curry aka Aquaman properly in Justice League. Game of Thrones' Jason Momoa tackles the character, years after Zack Snyder dropped that first image of him as the underwater king. His look hasn't changed a great deal, and wearing those long, knotted dreads and icy blue contacts, he cuts a rather imposing figure in the teaser. He'll be joining the Justice League - but he won't make his recruitment easy on Batman. 

In the comics Aquaman is the leader of the Atlanteans who has been the butt of many jokes across the years. Based on the  glare he gives Bruce Wayne in the trailer then it sounds like giggle time is over, something the director of Aquaman's solo movie agrees with.

"I actually think it’s a brilliant move on Zack and co. to cast someone like Jason", James Wan tells IGN. "Immediately, the whole joke aspect of Aquaman goes out the window. You have such a muscular, superhero-y character and one that is almost, to me, in some ways… I look at him, he’s kind of the Wolverine in some respect. He’s the outsider who gets pulled into this world and he kind of doesn’t want to belong and he was doing his own thing. And he prided freedom above everything else. That kind of plays nicely into who his character is. He’s like a reluctant superhero, right? He’s the reluctant king, basically, or would-be king".

Ray Fisher is Victor Stone/Cyborg

Ray Fisher plays the role of college student Victor Stone. Doesn't sound very metahuman, does he? It's not until a hideous accident (involving the death of a parent, a hideous creature, and an interdimensional portal) that Stone becomes the subject of his surviving parent's experiments. He wakes very much alive from the mauling, but a completely different person who is in fact half-robot, half-man. Hence the name Cyborg. 

An early piece of concept art clued us into how Cyborg would appear in the film, but the trailer footage screened at Comic Con - and that first official pic of the JL - made him seem.... well, more real somehow. It seemed likely that Fisher's performance would be half mo-cap and half live-action. Yet in the teaser it looks like he's actually wearing the character's robotic parts right on his face, as part of a proper costume. That’s probably down to the fact that we see his father constructing him in that Justice League CCTV sequence in BvS.

Amy Adams is Lois Lane

Amy Adams returns to play Lois Lane after a somewhat unique supporting role in Batman v Superman. While she definitely had a much bigger role in BvS than Man of Steel - heck, even The Flash busted through time to tell Bruce Wayne of her importance - it was still lacking any purpose whatsoever. Her investigations into the Luthor bullet were pointless, but at least she had one important duty: to stop Batman killing Superman. 

It's unknown the extent of her involvement in Justice League, but fingers crossed she gets to do more than be Superman's love interest. Last we saw of her, she was gazing at an engagement ring Clark intended to give to her before he died. Maybe Justice League finds her in a pit of despair, or dealing with grief and moving on? It's anybody's guess right now.

Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor

Exactly what Lex Luthor was up to in Batman v Superman has yet to be made fully clear. Was he just trying to get two powerful figures to have a punch-up? Or was it all about stealing Zod's corpse to make Doomsday? Well, one thing's for certain: he's still alive and has an axe to grind.

Luthor's DoJ scheme kinda backfires towards the end. Yes, he's now behind bars, but he seems content to be locked up. The biggest part of his plan went off without a hitch: Superman's dead and there's an even bigger threat on the way. One of Darkseid's minions Steppenwolf is teased in a deleted scene, showing Lex engaging with the being shortly before getting carted off to jail. In any case, Jesse Eisenberg is back as the businessman gone mad and says he would “love to play Lex Luthor for years." How his future plans may factor into Justice League are as yet unknown.

Jeremy Irons is Alfred Pennyworth

What would Bruce Wayne be without his trusty comrade Alfred? No longer a butler, the DCEU version of the character is a former SAS officer who becomes Bruce's legal guardian following the murder of his parents. 

In Batman v Superman, Jeremy Irons took on the role and he's back to play the coolest guardian ever. Seriously, he's a badass behind that huge console of gadgets. And while he knows a thing or two about the latest cutting edge tech and is a dab hand when it comes to surveillance, he provides Bruce with counsel. Again, we know little about his returning role, but here's hoping it involves more barmy weapons. 

J.K. Simmons is James Gordon

Taking over from Gary Oldman, who gave us a strong-but-silent type of Gordon is Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons. Comic book movie fans will know him as the amusing Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi's original Spider-Man trilogy, but he's making it known that he's bringing something new to the role of Gotham's commissioner. 

"One of the things that’s interesting to me is investigating hopefully a little bit more of that badass [side]," he explains to Entertainment Weekly. "You’re living in a universe where it’s pretty tough to be a badass compared to somebody like Batman, but in the universe of non-superheroes I like the idea of Commissioner Gordon as a guy that can take care of himself, a guy that’s a real partner to Batman, not just a guy that turns on the bat signal and goes, ‘Help! Help, Batman!’"

Word from early set reports says he shares a rooftop scene with most of the Justice League, as is expected considering his long history with Batman in the comics. Other than that there's barely a sniff of intel on what his role entails. Still, Simmons hopes that Gotham's good cop survives to live another day. "In the first film that we're currently shooting [Justice League], my part is not as big as, knock wood, it will be in some of the future films," he tells ET. "But the plan is if that there will be more Commissioner Gordon in the future."

Amber Heard is Mera

Mera is the Queen of Atlantis - aka the one who keeps Aquaman in check. Amber Heard is in line to play the character in his solo movie, but makes her DCEU debut in Justice League. Like Aquaman she's blessed with some impressive skills. There's more in her arsenal than simply being able to breathe underwater. Mera can bend water, and make it do whatever she likes, including removing it from people's bodies. Nice. 

As for Heard, she's remained quiet on the role, only confirming her involvement when asked by ET if she'd tried on the costume. "Yeah, yeah I have" she replies. "It’s… interesting [laughs]. I’m wearing, um… it’s like, half suit of armor, half scales. I don’t know, it’s strange. But we’re in the process of building it now, so it’s coming along."

Willem Dafoe is Nuidis Vulko

Another former Spider-Man veteran joins the movie. Willem Dafoe brought scenery-chewing to a whole other level of  madness to the comic book genre when he played the part of Green Goblin in the webhead's original trilogy. He's likely toning that down for his role in Justice League, which was first shrouded in mystery, and shortly thereafter it was leaked that he's playing an Atlantean called Nuidis Vulko. He goes back a long way in the comics, making his debut in 1967. He has served as an Atlantean politician and a revered academic, going on to become a loyal aide to Aquaman. He was even present when the king was born. 

From the tidbits of plot revealed thus far, the big bad Steppenwolf will be attempting to gather three Mother Boxes - and one happens to be in Atlantis. So it's likely that we'll meet Vulko when an attempt is made to infiltrate the aquatic domain. 

 ? is Steppenwolf 

The big bad of this movie is Steppenwolf. He's a lackey of Darkseid - who is an even bigger bad being held back for a future film, presumably - and the leader of the Apokolips armies. He popped up in a Batman v Superman deleted scene featuring Lex Luthor bowing before him on the Kryptonian ship right as a SWAT team bursts in. Steppenwolf dissipates into the air but not before we see him holding three squares. These are the Mother Boxes, created by an Apokoliptian scientist eons ago. One remains with mankind (and is used to create Cyborg), one is on Themyscira, and one is with the Atlanteans. 

So, what does Steppenwolf want with them? Well, as mentioned above, they're ripe with power and especially so when the bearer has all three of them. Comic book villains have a thirst for power like no other; so expect him to want to do something dastardly with them. 

Justice League producer Deborah Snyder says that a deal is still being worked out with the actor in negotiations for the role. It's only a matter of time before we learn who'll be stepping into Steppenwolf's hulking armor.  


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