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Justice League Heroes review

DC Comics' heavy hitters invade your console in a very familiar action-RPG

In addition to the bland level design, the weakest point of the game is its writing. This is a bit surprising, since it was penned by veteran scribe Dwayne McDuffie, the author of the hilarious Damage Control, as well as the scripter for the Justice League and Teen Titans cartoons. McDuffie's story, which is supposed to be epic in scope, comes off as flat and generic. Even though it boasts a strong writer like McDuffie and an experienced voice-acting crew, there's nothing outstanding about the game's plot and dialogue.

One problem that will offend fanboys is the lack of differentiation between Green Lanterns. While you start off with John Stewart from the get go, you're able to unlock Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan (the real Green Lantern). Sadly, their powers are all the same. If you're familiar with the books you'll view this as scandalous, since their power-ring constructs are drastically different.

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DescriptionThis beat 'em-up title is sterling example of why most superhero games suck.
PlatformDS, Xbox, PS2, PSP
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date17 October 2006 (US), 17 October 2006 (UK)